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This is the website for the UK research community, academic and industrial, interested in problems relating generally to computer systems. That includes both the more traditional topics such as operating systems, distributed systems and networking, as well as more current challenges and approaches at scales from edge and mobile computing to datacenter and the cloud. If your work has bearing on how we should go about building practical computer systems, it's of interest!

We organise an annual community workshop, held in beautiful County Durham, to share recent results, work-in-progress, challenges, and other matters of interest.

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Second Annual UK System Research Challenges Workshop

Following our successful systems Research Challenges Workshop in 2016, we were pleased to collaborate with Red Hat to run a further event.

Our second Systems Research Challenges workshop, sponsored by industry partners Red Hat, took place at Lumley Castle in January 2017.

The aim of the 2017 workshop was to bring together industry with academic researchers to discuss pressing topics that affect the design and implementation of large-scale systems, especially in the key challenges of scalability, dependability and security. The workshop included position paper presentations, moderated discussions, lightning talks and networking opportunities.

We were delighted to have representation from a number of Universities including Cambridge, Nottingham, St. Andrews and Cardiff University alongside European collegues from Lyon. Joining our academic colleagues were senior representatives from IBM and Red Hat.

The scope of presentations were well received by the delegates, and led to a number of potential areas for further research and opened up new opportunities for collaborations across institutions. Further details of all of the talks are as follows:

Internet of Things